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Keep A Big Family Calendar
If your child has ever forgotten a science project until the last minute...missed a birthday party because you lost the directions...or had to be driven to school because you were looking for a lost field trip permission slip, you know how important it is to have things written down in one place.
Your family calendar can be your family’s Command Central, making it a little easier for you to keep track of everyone’s schedules.
You’ll need a calendar with a lot of space so you can write everything down. Here’s what might go on your calendar:
  • Every single school event, from the Science Fair to Parent-Teacher Conferences to the U.S. history test.
  • A reminder that something has to go to school (whether it’s lunch money or cups for a special party).
  • Every practice for any activity, from church choir to soccer to Scouts.
  • Any activity of yours that will affect your family. Are you going out of town on a trip? Mark it on the calendar. Your kids will know that you can’t volunteer to go on a field trip that day.
  • Everything you know about any birthday party to which your child is invited—date, time, who’s driving.
  • Special family events—a visit by a grandparent, for example.
  • Due dates for any big school projects.
Writing everything on the calendar helps you see when there are conflicts. If two kids have games at the same time, one may need to get a ride home with another parent. Some families make a rule: If it’s not on the calendar, the child is responsible for arranging rides to and from the activity.