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I'm not one to just quote statistics; I do have a bachelor's in music education from Union College and a master of music degree and a Rank 1 from EKU; I have performed personally in different capacities since I was in the third grade sang the part of Old King Cole in a musical called ; "The Children of Mother Goose Land; "(I can tell you're impressed)  I've sung in operas associated with Opera of Central Kentucky, and performed in UK's ;Grand Night for Singing productions. Besides teaching at Wolfe County Schools, I conduct the choir for, and am a member of Our Redeemer Lutheran Church in Lexington. I love to perform, and love helping young people hone their skills so that they can do likewise.   I also like to instill a strong work ethic in my students so that they can better realize the fruits of their labors and also be better prepared for future endeavors. Wolfe County Schools has afforded me an opportunity to help others develop musically and provide a service to the community through my students. I was born and raised in Harlan County, Ky.and understand the challenges and opportunities that await students from southeastern Kentucky. 

We are currently asking for donations of any band instrument that you might have.   We have a lot of students wanting to play and have basically run out of instruments for them.   Please donate!  You won't regret it!

Please make sure that donated instruments are in playing condition.


Non traditional instruction (NTI snow days) 

All instrumental groups can play 15 minutes per day of productive playing and have their parents sign off on it each time.  These groups include, Strings, Beginning and Intermediate Bands and Advanced Band.  Advanced band can also use ballgames that we may play at during this time frame as well. 1 game equals 2 NTI days. I am giving credit for time spent. However, don't count on these games to get you through.  The games  may not happen either.  This is the "play as you go" plan.Other options for these groups are a short paper on the history of your instrument and also short biographies of artists that do what you do.

Arts and Humanities :. Write a paragraph/synopsis of a musical. One per each NTI day.There are four listed in the book. Others could be but not restricted to; Hamilton, Waitress, Rent, Les Miserables, and The King and I. Please! No High School Musical!!!  You may also write a short bio on any of the members of the "outlaws" of country music. As we are currently finishing our muic timeline I have also added doing a paragraph on any musician  fro 1920 to the present. You can still do a musical but that will give everyone a chance to report on his or her favorite musician. 

Email or message me if this is not clear enough. 

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