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Operation Preparation 2014 at WCHS and WCMS College/Career Readiness Advising
Operation Preparation 2014 at WCHS and WCMS College/Career Readiness Advising

On March 21st, 2014, Wolfe County Middle and High School students received one-on-one advising from 25 trained community volunteers in an effort to improve their college and career readiness. Students also attended 9 career-exploration sessions in career fields such as: Arts and Humanities, Education, Agriculture, Human Services, Health Services, Math/Science, Engineering and College 101.

Guidance Counselors Cynthia Gullett and Allison Combs organized the event with assistance from Wolfe County Youth Service Center Coordinator, Connie Campbell and Wolfe County Community Education Director, Wendy Pelfrey.

Operation Preparation focuses attention on the importance of planning for college and /or career by engaging students, parents, schools and communities in the process of effective advising.

Utilizing the students’ individual learning plans (ILP’s), the trained volunteer-advisers met individually with 8th and 10th grade students to discuss four primary topics: (1) the student’s career aspirations (2) required education or training for his/her future career (3) whether the student was on target to meet his/her goals and (4) to develop a plan to achieve those goals.

Operation Preparation is designed to deliver the message about the importance of school and college/career readiness through an independent source, allowing students to find real answers to specific questions about their goals and to gain additional support for their educational needs.

Individuals and businesses interested in participation in Operation Preparation 2015 can contact Wendy Pelfrey at , Cynthia Gullet at and Allison Combs at or call 668-8023.


Thanks to following businesses and individuals who helped make this a huge success for students:

Becca Morrison, Amanda Keller, Nick Brooks, Susan Storer, Sally Stewart, Kim Johnson, Amanda Hutchinson, Heather Johnson, Betty Dean, Dan Combs, Sherry Profitt, Chris Carroll, Sandy Allen, Melody Trent, Freda Banks, Crystal Sparks, Becky Mullins, Betty Clark, Farmers &Traders Bank, Misty Dunn, Brenda Gibson, Whitaker Bank, Alan Banks, Stanley Turner, Andrea Brooks, Ernie Whisman, Cissi Jones, Lisa Redding, Janine Musser, Jeff Stamper, Joey Minter, Chasity Haddix, Ashley Linkous, Darren Back, Jeremy Sheffield, Ann Carter and staff at HCTC, Wilma Terrill and Greg Creech.

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