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In 2015, Wolfe County High School is in the process of creating a Wall of Fame.  The purpose of the Wall of Fame is to promote and celebrate individuals who graduated from Wolfe County High and then went on to achieve notable accomplishments. 

We are in the process of selecting nominations for our very first wave of W.C.H.S. graduates who would be worthy of being included in our Wall of Fame.  This would include, but is not limited to, people who have achieved extraordinary feats in the workforce, academic, athletic, military service, community, etc. 

We need as many nominations as possible, from all decades, to make the Wall of Fame something noteworthy.  If you know of a person who should be considered, then please make us aware.  They can be nominated by using our district’s Facebook page, contacting Wolfe County High at 668-8202, or by emailing 

The information that we need about the person being nominated is: person’s name, estimated year of graduation, their contact info or relatives in area, and why should this person be considered for the Wall of Fame.  If anyone is interested in viewing the Wall it is currently being displayed at Wolfe County High in the commons area adjacent to the gym.

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