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School Bus Routes

Rogers Routes



Pine Ridge:  Bus # 1408-Dave Kash ( With Monitor Donna Mason) -Hobbs Rd., Collinswood Trail, Gevedon Rd. Miller Ridge Rd., Old 15 from the Powell Co. Line to the intersection of Hwy. 15 and Hwy. 715, Sky Bridge Road and all of the elementary students from Dessie Scott.


Quillins Chapel:  Bus # 1119-Todd Haddix ( With Monitor Twyla Brewer) -all of Quillins Chapel, Pelfrey Dr., Old School House Rd., Spencer Rd., Campbell Ridge Rd., Old 15 coming out of Quillin Chapel to Hwy 715, Townsend/Drake Rd., and 715 to Rogers Elementary.


Big Andy:  Bus # 1026-Steve Salyers- Zachariah, Leeco, Trentsville, Torrent, Big Andy Ridge Rd., Booth Ridge Rd. and Hwy. 715 from Rogers Elem. To the Lee Co. Line


Tar Ridge : Bus # 715 – Millard Hensley – Tar Ridge Rd., Devils Creek Rd., Gebo Lane, Glencarin Rd., Creech Rd. and Booth Road.



Campton Routes


Sandy Ridge:  Bus # 1512- Tony Johnson -From the end of Sandy Ridge Rd. in Lee County to Sawmill Rd., Mullins Point Rd., Clay Alexander Rd., and Bear Pen Rd. to the Church.


Flat/Mary:  Bus # 1132- Joey McDonald- Flat Mary Rd., Hazel Bradley Rd., Upper and Lower Bloody Creek Roads, Vortex Loop, Elkins Rd., Lower end of Bear Pen and Plummer Street


Bethany: Bus # 0410- Tiffany Briscoe - Hwy 15South from Campton Elementary to Breathitt Co. Line, Hunting Fork Rd., Hunting Fork Lane, Bethany, Pence Branch, Cave Branch, Turnip Fork Rd., and from intersection to Dairy Queen on Hwy 15 South



Holly:  Bus # 1313- Tim Barnett –( With Monitor Tony Hogsten)- Holly Creek Rd., Terrill Fork Rd., Spring Branch Rd., Kelse Holland Rd., Church Loop, Whetstone, and South Washington Street from old funeral home to intersection of Hwy 15 south ( Students from High and Middle School back to CES.)


Stillwater:  Bus # 1333- Lisa Bush – Hwy. 1812, Rock house, Betts Branch Rd.,  Landsaw Rd., Hwy. 191 and 1812 all the way to the intersection of Hwy 191 and Trace Fork, Hwy. 1010, Shady Lane and Main Street.


Baptist:  Bus # 0422-Rondal Bush- Campton/Baptist Rd., R. Patton Rd., B. Patton Rd., Chambers Fork Rd., Holland’s Fork Rd., Patty Alexander Rd., Buchanan Fork Rd., Trace Fork Rd., and Hwy. 191 form Trace Fork to Hwy. 746.


Calaboose:  Bus # 1511- John Mayabb:  Hwy. 746, Rocky Brach Rd., Banks Branch, North Washington Street, AJ Taulbee Rd., Harvest Ridge Road, and intersection of Plummer Street and North Washington Street to the Intersection of Plummer and Johnson Street.


Valarie:  Bus # 1118- Randy Cox -(with monitor Mary Godsea)- Hwy 746 starting at and including Clifty School Rd., Fallen Water Rd. Deward Mayabb Road, Hiram’s Branch Rd., Hwy. 191  from the intersection of 746 and 191 to the Napa Store.


Campton:  Bus # 1030 – Jonathan Mayabb -  ( With Monitor John Rose) From the intersection of Old 15 and Mt. Parkway to Quillins Chapel Rd., Methodist Housing, Sawmill Hollow, Myrtle Little Rd., Rose Apt., and students riding from CES to Board of Education.




Red River Valley Routes


Maytown:  Bus # 925 –Charlotte Cox - Maytown, Black water, Chapel Branch Rd., Hwy. 1010, Sandfield Rd., Big Branch Rd., Hwy. 2027  


Trent:  Bus # 1131-Doug Rose(with monitor Phyllis Bush)- Hwy. 191 starting at the intersection of 191 and 1812, Hwy. 191 up to Lacy Creek Rd., Clark Branch Rd. Gal Branch, Stamper Branch Rd., and Goosneyville Rd.


Lacy Creek:  Bus # 0728 – Kenneth Lindon -Johnson Fork Rd., Hwy. 1010 in front of Beasley’s Body Shop, Buchanan Fork Rd., Hazel Green Academy Square, Hwy. 191 from Lacy Creek Rd. to Red River Valley Elem., Hwy. 203 to the Morgan County line, and State Street


Gilmore: Bus # 1229-Jeff Owens -Upper and Lower Gilmore Rd., Straight Creek Rd., Rexville Rd. from the intersection of Gilmore and Hwy. 191 to Red River Valley Elem., Neff Rd. and Blankenship Rd.,


Hwy. 205: Bus # 1027-Bill Lindon, Hwy 205 from the Breathitt Co. line to the intersection of old and new 205, Shockey Fork Rd., Green Brier, Old Hwy 205 to Wilson Branch Rd., New Hwy 205 to the Morgan County line, Fallen Rd., and Hwy 191from Whiting MFG., to the Gilmore intersection.


Belnap:  Bus # 0423 – Gary Mullins -Banks Fork Rd., Maddox Branch Rd., Will Lindon Rd., Cook Branch Rd., and Hwy. 1094 from the Breathitt Co. line to intersection of Hwy. 1094 and Hwy 203.


Special Needs Routes


Rogers Area:    Bus # 1204-Johnny Halsey (with monitor Sharon Wireman)

Hazel Green Area:  Bus # 414-Joe Alexander (with monitor Charles Campbell)

Campton Area: Bus # 1506 Mick Denniston (with monitor Geraldine Tolson)


Vocational Routes


Morning:  Bus # 1421- Mark White

Afternoon:  Bus# 0924- Taylor Profitt



REV: 7/15/2016

John Halsey

Transportation Department

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