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Important Safety Announcement - Concerning School Bus Stop Sign Safety
School Bus Safety

The Wolfe County school District would like to make everyone aware of an important safety announcement.    Wolfe County Sheriff Chris Carson and the Wolfe County Sheriffs’ department will be periodically riding school bus routes to monitor bus stop arm compliance in our county.   Running a school bus stop sign creates a dangerous situation for our students and will cause you to get a ticket and be fined.   Please comply with every stop sign that is activated on our school buses.  The Wolfe County School system is very grateful to Sheriff Chris Carson and the deputies of the Wolfe County Sheriffs’ Department  as they will be riding various school bus routes to monitor compliance with this important law.  Again, Please help the best bus drivers in the state of Kentucky to continue to keep our children safe by complying with this and all laws pertaining to school bus safety.    Thank you.

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