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The Moving Man Simulation

Use this simulation to explore the relationships between displacement, velocity, and acceleration.




Start by changing the man's position. How do you move him left or right (backwards or forwards)?

Give him a positive velocity and see what happens. What happens when he has negative velocity. Describe what happens and describe the three graphs of his motion at the bottom of the simulation.

What happens when he has a positive velocity and a positive acceleration? Now try a negative velocity and a negative acceleration. Describe what happens in both examples. Describe the three graphs.

What happens when he has a negative velocity and positive acceleration? What happes when his velocity is positive and his acceleration is negative.Describe all three graphs.

Try to make the man run as close to one wall as possible before returning to the starting postition. What are the values for position, velocity, and acceleration that get you the closest. Screenshot the final product and upload the assignment in Google Classroom as a Google Drawing. If you don't have Google Classroom